Films For Action Singapore
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A local chapter of the global community of change makers, peace-keepers.
We are here as an outlet for new media, to give an alternative voice to issues that we care deeply about.

We believe in the same idea that "I am because you are" - that your happiness is my happiness - this is the guiding principle of love, of ubuntu that is what keeps our feet moving and our hearts in action. We are all one human family in relationship with each other and the rest of the community of life on Earth. We seek POWER WITH, not power over.

We celebrate the diversity of peaceful cultures that exists across the globe.
We stand against this toxic belief in the 'one right way' which has been responsible for all of the colonialization and conquest and subjugation we have seen in the past.
We believe that the old way should not be replaced with a new best way (which would be a repeat of the old way) - but rather 10,000 new and ancient ways of living. There is no one solution to the world's problems. There are 10,000 solutions, 10,000 ways of life - and we need them all.

Through our film screenings and post-show dialogue, let's create ripples of action for the betterment of life for all beings.